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Tiger Cub Program

Tiger Cubs generally have at least four meetings each month: they attend the Cub Scout pack meeting, participate in a "Go See It" outing, and take part in at least two den meetings.

The program section of the Tiger Cub den meeting is usually divided into three parts, corresponding to the Tiger Cub motto:

  • Share. The Share part of the den meeting gives each boy a chance to share something that he's done since the last meeting. This activity gives boys time to share family experiences.

  • Search. During the Search time of the meeting, the leaders will talk about plans for the Go See It outing. This activity could fulfill one of the achievement requirements or one of the elective requirements, or it could relate to the monthly theme.

  • Discover. During Discover time, the den leader may introduce the monthly theme and talk about what the den will be doing for the pack meeting. Then the boys will play games, work on craft projects and puzzles, take part in outdoor activities, or work on advancement requirements.