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Membership Dues

Annual Pack Fees ($50.00) 


Each Pack sets its own membership dues so there is enough money to coverthe expected costs of providing a quality program. So that we can offer everyone enough activities and pay for all the patches, pins, badges, crafts, food/beverages for camp-outs and leader training, we ask that each family contribute toward the maintenance of our Pack so we can keep being active and giving our Scouts a fun and educational experience.

Pack 59 Annual Membership per Cub Scout for 2009-2010 is: $50.00.  Please make checks payable to:  Pack 59.  Exception: For those families that joined the pack in Spring or Fall of 2010, you have paid your annual dues in full (until Fall 2011).  For everyone else, membership dues will be collected again by October 4, 2010.    


  • $15.00:  General Administration fees, including scout insurance, which goes directly to the National Boy Scouts of America office in Texas. 
  • $12.00:  Boys Life Magazine-12 monthly issues full of exciting stories and adventures.  If there are brothers in the same family, they can share a Boys Life subscription (only be charged once) and our pack will still be considered 100% boys life 
  • $20.00:  Each Pack or Troop is responsible for an annual $20 Re-Charter fee, which goes directly to the National Boy Scouts of American office in Texas
  • (Additional Costs) - Northwest Suburban Council (NWSC) charges for all district scouting events/activities, such as Cub Olympics (1st weekend in May), Webelos Weekend, Webelos Unplugged, Summer Camps and MANY other activities, including one day events.   
  • (Additional Costs)  Obtained through Pack Fundraising Events throughout the year.  Pack activities-awards/pins/badges and other achievements, craft supplies, and pack leader training materials, program guests, special events (Blue and Gold Banquet, Pack Pinewood Derby, Raingutter Regata (optional), Picnics, Spring & Fall Camp-outs, Special Recruiting Nights, Pack Supplies, food, beverages, etc.) are
  • (Den Fees) Small weekly or monthly Den Dues may be asked to cover additional costs such as materials for projects and snacks.  If charged, these Den dues are generally $1-2 per meeting.


This Fall our our pack is participating in a Fundraising event, selling Holiday Handcrafted Wreaths and Decorations.  While participation in these fundraisers is not required, we depend heavily on these fundraisers to keep our Pack going. The alternative would be to raise dues by a significant amount or cut programs. While parents sometimes resent fundraising activities, our Pack has chosen to them for three reasons:

  1. Boys will have the opportunity to build character and self-confidence, through networking with friends and neighbors, .
  2. Keep Pack Dues affordable for everyone
  3. Scouts enjoy getting out and showing off what they do