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Pack 59 Facts

The Pack:

Currently led by 12 parent/volunteers, who have all been screened through crimal background checks and have completed or in the process of completing, necessary training for their leader position.  All volunteer scout leaders must be age 21 or over and be approved by the Pack Committee, Unit Commissioner, Signal Hill District Executive and Northwest Suburban Council (NWSC), which is all under the authority of non-for profit organization, Boy Scouts of America (BSA). 

Pack 59 is chartered through Christ Lutheran Church in Palatine, Illinois

Michael McNutt is Pack 59's Chartered Organization Chief Executive Officer

Pack 59 has currently 27 scouts, comprising of 22 families. 

Pack 59 is lead by a Committee Chair.  Currently Mark Bloom is serving in this role

Pack 59 Chief Financial Officer (Treasurer) is Jarrett DiFatta.

The Committee usually meets once a month and consists of a Pack Treasurer, Advancement Chair, Parent Scout Coordinator, 2-3 Committee Members and Den Leaders (one per rank).

Although not official "Committee Members", the Cubmaster and Assistant Cubmaster attend all monthly committee members and work along with the committee chair and den leaders to carry out the pack program.     

Pack Nights are when all boys in each Den (Tigers, Wolves, Bears & Webelos), in addition to their den leaders and parents/families come together to celebrate their monthly accomplishments and be recognized for their outstanding achievements. 

Pack Night is usually held on the THIRD Thursday of every month, with the exception of February (Blue & Gold), March (Pack Pinewood Derby) and the summer months (June, July & August).   

Monthly Pack Nights are facilitated (emcee) by the Cubmaster or Assistant Cubmaster, who receive help from the planning committee with monthly theme, agenda and activities

The  Pack 59 Cubmaster is currently Jeremy Saunders.

Pack Committee appoints a Den Leader (parent/volunteer) to act as the "chief/leader" of the boys (typically 1 or2 den leaders per rank, which all depends on how many boys/families make up a den).

The frequency of Den meetings are up to the den leader and boys parents to decide, but usually are held twice a month (some dens meet more, while others meet less).    

During the month of February (every year), each Unit (Pack or Troop) must complete the process of Re-Chartering (all members, including adult volunteer/leaders).  At this time, all Cub Scout Packs must submit a check to council for the annual scouting dues.

To ensure the pack has sufficient funds to cover the re-charter expense, most packs collect membership dues in early Fall (Sept-Oct) and run a fund raising event.      

Boys are eligible to join as a Tiger Cub, as soon as they have entered First Grade or 6 years of age or within the same year of becoming a First Grader (i.e., Spring Recruit).   

Regardless of when a boy enters Cub Scouts, his first task is to earn the Bobcat Badge.  We have boys that enter as second graders (Wolf Scouts) and even as third Graders (Bear Scouts), however, they must work on the Bobcat Badge first.  

The Den's

First Graders begin as Tiger Cub Scouts



Second Graders are Wolf Cub Scouts

Under the direction Den Leader: Sandra Schumann

The Tiger Cub Badge is for boys who complete all parts of the "5" Achievements and earn their "15" beads.  The 5 achievements are:

  • Let's Go Outdoors
  • Where I live
  • How I tell It
  • Making My Family Special
  • Keeping Myself Healthy & Safe

For each achievement, the Tiger Cub-Adult  Partner Team must complete a Den Activity, A Family Activity and a "Go See It"

After earning the Tiger Cub Badge, a boy is encouragesd to work on the numerous Elective activities in his book, which is aimed at sparking his interest in a new hobby, activity or skill.

Third Graders are Bear Cub Scouts

Currently 8 boys under the direction of Den Leader: Sandi DiFatta

  • To become a Wolf Cub Scout, a boy must pass "12" Achievements involving simple physical and mental skills

Fourth & Firth Graders are Webelos Scouts

Currently 8 first year Webelos, and 3 second year Webelos II, who are under the direction of Senior Den Leader: Ken Gedgaud and Anthony Maniscalco.

  • There are 24 Bear Achievements, in four categories.  Boys must complete "12" of these to earn the Bear Badge
  • Once Bear Badge is earned, the boys may work on electives for credit towards Arrow Points  

All the Webelos are working toward earning their "Arrow of Light".

Boys will bridge to Boy Scout Troops in February 2013.

A Webelos Scout is required to earn "8" of the 20 available activity badges on the trail to earning the Webelos badge and Cub Scouts highest achievement, "Arrow of Light".  The 20 activity badge areas are hobby and career fields, raning from science to sports .  Most activity badge requirements are approved by the Webelos Den Leader or Assistants. 

After completing the Webelos badge, the Webelos Scouts may receive Compass Points for earning additional activity badges.  The compass points emblem is presented to the boy who has earned four activity badges in addition to those required for the Webelos badge (for a total of 7). 

Once a boy completes all Webelos requirements (usually towards the end of 4th or beginning on 5th Grade), he is eligible to receive his Arrow of Light, which is the highest award for Cub Scouting.  5th Grade is when boys and Webelos Dens start making troop visits to Boy Scouts and the process begins of the boy selecting a Troop to bridge to.  One of the requirements as a second year Webelos, is to visit several Boy Scout Troops.  

Second Year Webelos (5th Graders) usually earn their "Arrow of Light" and bridge to a Boy Scout Troop during a special ceremony at the Pack's Blue & Gold Banquet (usually held in February).